Tips for Regaining Customer Trust

No matter how hard you work, mistakes are inevitable; you are bound to disappoint one or two valued customers. The good news is that you can do something to win them back. Find out how to regain your customer’s trust in you and your company.

It is already a given that at some point, your business will experience failure, that you will disappoint your customers. Often, a company’s true colors show during these times. You begin to bare all to your customer with the manner in which you explain, react, remove pain and take accountability for your actions. All these will surely send out signals to your customer loud and clear, whether for good or bad.

These situations can become very emotional for both you and your customer. They can either perceive you as being sincere in your efforts, or they may believe you are merely saving face – and they can tell the difference between the two right away.

Here are some guidelines on how you can prepare, react and recover from losing your customer’s trust.

  • Put as much foresight into planning customer experience recovery just as much as you do when planning for the project and natural disaster recovery. Make a list of the potential scenarios and determine how your company will take on the issues or operating areas to smoothly get into action. Know what the early warning signs would be for a possible crisis, determine who will be the appointed people in your company to brainstorm solutions and make sure that you are quick enough to act on the issue, implementing a recovery plan within the day of the crisis, or if possible, within hours. This what your customers will expect from you and this is what they will feel they deserve.
  • Be apologetic and humble. Own up to your mistakes and apologize for the inconveniences that the mistake has caused your customers. If you are a company that has a good and reliable service record and history, you will have better chances that the customer will forgive you. If not, you would have to immediately spring into action and implement the disaster recovery plan. Assure that necessary steps are being made even as you speak to the customer.
  • Work from a position of compassion to connect with your customers. To do this, you must empathize and put yourself in the situation that they are in. Make sure that they know that you care. Make this moment an opportunity to embrace and guide your customers through this time with compassion.
  • Turn the recovery phase into an opportunity that will allow your customers to see that only your company can and will respond in that way to the situation. During these circumstances, there is nothing that takes the place of a voice on the other end of the line. This is not the right time to cut back on staff; rather, you should proactively reach out to your customer. Contact your customer actively and have executives play a role in the whole process. Get them involved. It is necessary that they have the voice of the customer in their ear to motivate them to make the right next steps. Compensate mistakes with whatever you can offer your customers during these times and do not wait for them to beg for this.